Marriott International to Open Luxury Hotels in NEOM’s Sindalah Island

Aerial view of Sindalah Island development
Sindalah Island: NEOM's Future Luxury Destination with Marriott

Sindalah Island Welcomes Marriott’s Luxury Brands NEOM’s Sindalah Island, part of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious USD 500 billion megacity project, is set to become a pinnacle of luxury and sustainability with Marriott International’s opening of three new luxury hotels next year.

Autograph Collection and Luxury Collection Resorts Marriott’s Autograph Collection Hotels will offer a unique resort experience with 66 rooms and suites, including villas, multiple dining options, a children’s club, and a luxury spa.

The Luxury Collection resort will feature 70 luxury rooms and suites, including villas with private pools, located in the island’s central marina district.

A Destination of Unparalleled Luxury Sindalah Island, nestled in the Red Sea, promises an exclusive getaway with access to the region’s diverse marine life. These resorts are designed to provide guests with luxury, adventure, and relaxation, enhancing the appeal of this unique destination.

Marriott’s Expansion in Sindalah Island

The Autograph Collection and Luxury Collection Resorts: Marriott International has announced an agreement with NEOM to open three properties on Sindalah Island. This agreement includes Saudi Arabia’s first Autograph Collection Hotels property and two Luxury Collection properties.

The Autograph Collection property will feature 66 rooms and suites, including villas, offering immersive experiences for guests. Meanwhile, the two Luxury Collection properties will include a beach resort with 70 luxury rooms and suites and another all-suite property offering 115 luxury suites. These properties are set to open in 2024​​.

Sindalah Island: A New Luxury Destination: Sindalah is the first of a group of islands to be developed in NEOM, located in the Red Sea. The island will offer unique nautical and yachting experiences, featuring a prestigious marina, over 400 ultra-premium hotel rooms, 300 top-end suites, a beach club, a glamorous yacht club, and various culinary offerings.

This development positions Sindalah as a new luxury destination, providing guests with access to the Red Sea’s rich marine environment​​.

A Vision for a Future-Centric Hospitality Ecosystem: Chris Newman, Executive Director of Hotel Development at NEOM, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Marriott International.

He emphasized the goal of creating a hospitality experience that captures the spirit of Sindalah’s year-long appeal, making it the first destination in NEOM to welcome guests. The partnership aims to build a future-centric hospitality ecosystem that aligns with the region’s vision​​.


Marriott International’s expansion into Sindalah Island is a significant step in realizing the vision of NEOM as a hub of innovation and luxury. With these new properties, Marriott is set to offer unique experiences that blend luxury with the natural beauty and sustainability ethos of NEOM.

The opening of these resorts is eagerly anticipated from early 2024, marking a new era in the luxury hospitality industry.

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