Many people are eagerly awaiting the implementation of the NEOM project, which will rise from the sands of the Saudi Arabia desert. Some are attracted by investment opportunities. Others dream of unimaginable possibilities for a fabulous vacation. While some are attracted by a futuristic lifestyle in a world that will be radically different from the usual cities. According to the creators of the project, the Neomeans will have access to the most modern technologies. The words NEOM and robots will become synonymous.

In this metropolis, there will be more artificial life than the biological one. Each person will receive several robotic assistants, as well as a personal digital twin. Let us take a look at all the wonders of this project and the technologies that will embody them.

Work for robots

One of the main trends in society’s development is the desire of people to simplify their lives by throwing off all difficult or unpleasant work on someone else. In ancient times – on slaves, in the Middle Ages – on servants, today – on subordinates.

In the future, robots will become assistants, humans will give up the most dangerous, unpleasant, and difficult activities, saving time and energy for creativity and relaxation. Thanks to the NEOM project, this future should become reality around 2030.

Here is a list of some professions that are most likely to fall into the metal hands of robots in NEOM: cleaners, janitors, movers, builders, secretaries, receptionists, nannies, taxi drivers, orderlies, soldiers, rescuers, emergency responders, waiters, bartenders, couriers, agricultural workers, law enforcement officials, etc.

More distant, but no less real, seems to be the prospect of exchange of professions such as teachers, doctors, officials. Also, robots will play a significant role in show business and cultural events, where machines will perform for the entertainment of the public.

Dreams are dreams, but it is interesting to know what has already been achieved in the field of robotics, in order to at least roughly understand which robots will be the first to appear in NEOM.

Cleaning robots

First of all, the Neomeans will be freed from having to do dirty and dusty work. Janitor or housekeeper jobs are unlikely to show up on local recruiting websites. Who can help people with this matter? Here are a few real-world models whose enhanced modifications will be possible to purchase in NEOM in the future.

Roomba – is a robotic vacuum cleaner developed and marketed by the Japanese company iRobot. This company has also released a number of other robotics assistants, including automatic lawn mowers, pool cleaners, etc.

Robot vacuum cleaner

DustCar – is a wheeled garbage truck equipped with laser sensors and a GPS system that responds to SMS notifications indicating work instructions. It can move at speeds up to 24 km / h and collect almost 30 kg of waste. Moreover, he can patrol the authorized territory. It was first presented in Italy.


Mirra 530 – is another iRobot creation that can handle pool cleaning. In autonomous mode, this mechanical assistant can easily clean the bottom and sides of the pool. You can adjust its work using the remote control.

Swimming pool cleaning robot

WatCleaner – is a water purifier robot that detects and cleans water resources. It can float on water, find waste, squeeze it, and store it inside itself. It is possible to filter the water passing through the robot. Most importantly the mechanism does not harm aquatic inhabitants and is able to identify fauna. That is very important, given the Saudis respect for the environment. The future residents of the NEOM metropolis and the helping robots will be in harmony with nature.

Pond cleaning robot

Transportation robots

The developed NEOM infrastructure will require significant automation of the main areas of logistics, including passenger and cargo transportation. There are already robots that can be useful in the implementation of the NEOM project. For example, the Croww 540 ATV is a robot that can move on the sand, transport heavy loads and equipment. The prototype has a base platform with 6 legs, cameras, sensors, and removable cylindrical batteries. It can use a protective tent if needed. Such mechanisms will become indispensable helpers in desert conditions.

Robot in logistics

Also, the organizers promise robotic services for the protection of territories and law enforcement. Perhaps there will be no regular police officers in NEOM at all, and robots will take on their responsibilities to protect citizens and prevent crime. Several prototypes have already been developed that are capable of performing this function. Let us take a look at the most successful concepts.

Police robots, security guards, soldiers

Talon – is a special reconnaissance robotic combat system created by Foster-Miller. Designed for operations in urban areas, it can overcome various obstacles such as sand, water, or stairs. It can be controlled remotely at a distance of up to 1 km. Can be armed with rifles, machine guns, and a multi-barreled grenade launcher. It has been successfully used in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Robot soldier

MarkV-A1 – is a combat robot created by the Northrop Grumman Corporation. Designed for mine clearance. Also, it can be armed with a high-pressure water cannon or a shotgun.

Military robot

PackBot – is a police robot equipped with a disarming device (Tazer), which shoots disruptors at hazardous equipment, generates an electrical discharge to the body, temporarily paralyzing a person.

Police robot

T2 (TAC-C) – a robotic device created by General Dynamics Robotic Systems, can move at a speed of 50 km / h and controlling the environment. They can transport people and goods and perform sanitary functions.


If the maintenance of law and order is already, to a certain degree, entrusted to robots, it would be strange to assume that people will work in the service sector as we see it in nowadays world. Mechanical assistants can already cope with positions such as bartenders, cooks, or waiters. Here are some examples.

Service robots

FuA-Men – is a robot chef from Japan developed by Aisei. He can cut and shred food, prepare various foods and drinks and wash dishes. The speed of work is up to 80 meals a day.

Chef robot

SOBEaR – is a robot bartender in the shape of a teddy bear. In one hand he holds a jar of alcohol, in the other cranberry juice. It is necessary to press his paw, then breathe on the muzzle. The robot diagnoses how sober the visitor is and accordingly fulfills the order. If a person is intoxicated, the bartender will treat him with juice and will give him the recommendation to go home.

Bartender robot

The show business of the NEOM project will also present robotic stars who will begin to fill the halls and stadiums, while not ravaging the metropolis with multi-million dollar fees. We can see that in developed countries, where robots have been successfully flooding the media space and the entertainment industry for quite some time.

Entertainment robots

Robo-Q – is a 3.4 cm high robot manufactured by Tomy. It is designed to move around and play games. Using the remote control, the robot can be adapted to table football.

Football player robot

Tiro – is an android who served as the master of ceremonies at the wedding of one of the engineers of the South Korean company Hanool Robotics. Other “iron friends” were also involved in the event.

Wedding robots

Billiard Bots – is billiard know-how created by Carl Segan, where instead of a cue, mobile robots participate, with which the players hit the billiard balls.

Billiards playing robot

Kondo – robots are a line of robotic fighters created in Japan for cyber combat. Cyrex, Sector, and Smoke are names that immediately recall the fantasy universe of Mortal Combat.

Fighter robot

Robocoaster – is a creation of the KUKA Robot Group, used in theme and amusement parks and shopping centers.

Entertainment robot

Robotic friends

Robots will become not only assistants but also real friends of the future Neomeans. Thousands of people around the world have acquired such toys. Among them, Aibo – is a robotic dog developed by Sony. This pet knows how to move, perceive the environment using a video camera and infrared distance sensors, recognize commands and faces. He is completely autonomous, can learn and develop.

Dog robot

Pleo – is a robot that mimics about a week-old baby dinosaur. Pleo is produced by the American company Ugobe. Each Pleo learns from the events in the world around it, allowing each robot to shape its unique personality. By the way, not far from the NEOM project, it is planned to place a Jurassic Park, inhabited by giant Pleo brothers, which will create a real ecosystem of robotic dinosaurs.

Dinosaur robot

Humanoid robots such as WAKAMARU, СВ2, ASIMO, HIRO, and many others will also be widely used in the NEOM metropolis. In addition to entertainment functions, these mechanisms will find application in the NEOM education system. For example, in Japan, a robot lecturer NINOMIYA KUN has been created and is successfully operating. He is able to read paper books and willingly demonstrated his skills at the Kitakyushu robot fair, delighting visitors with reading fairy tales. More progressive models will be able to conduct lectures, practicals, and seminars, which will undoubtedly additionally motivate schoolchildren and students to study.

Robot friend
Modern robot
Friend robot
Musician robot
Ninomiya Kun

Drone army

In addition to the listed robotic assistants and friends, the NEOM project plans to create an artificial moon, consisting of thousands of synchronized drones. This magical sight will captivate residents and guests of the metropolis, riveting their eyes to the night sky. In addition to purely aesthetic pleasure, the robotic moon will also have applied applications, for example, to illuminate NEOM suburbs and attract tourists from all over the world.

The variety of robots that will inhabit NEOM are now hard to imagine. In 10 years, high technologies can go so far ahead that the previously mentioned ASIMO, HIRO, or PackBot will be perceived by Neomeans, like push-button mobile phones in the era of smartphones. In this article, we have only roughly presented what the NEOM metropolis and the robots that inhabit it can become. We are sure that its creators will surprise the whole world, and robots are only part of their revolutionary plans.


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