NEOM Leadership Team: Shaping the Future of a Global Vision

Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of NEOM, in a professional setting, showcasing leadership and vision in sustainable development
Nadhmi Al-Nasr, the visionary Chief Executive Officer of NEOM, leading the charge in transforming urban living and sustainable development.

In an unprecedented move, NEOM, the ambitious development project in Saudi Arabia, has unveiled its leadership team, a diverse group of global experts poised to steer the mega-project into a new era of innovation and sustainability. The announcement came earlier this week, marking a significant milestone in the project’s journey towards redefining the future of living, business, and governance.

Heading the team is Chief Executive Officer Nadhmi Al-Nasr, a visionary leader with deep roots in Saudi Aramco and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Al-Nasr’s leadership is expected to infuse the project with a strong sense of innovation, leveraging his extensive experience in sustainable development.

Supporting Al-Nasr is Deputy CEO Rayan Fayez, a seasoned professional with a rich background in finance and corporate leadership. Fayez’s experience as managing director and CEO of Banque Saudi Fransi and Savola Group is seen as crucial in driving NEOM’s economic and investment strategies.

The governance, risk, and compliance framework of NEOM is helmed by Jassir Al-Jassir, the Chief Governance Risk and Compliance Officer. Al-Jassir’s expertise in designing robust governance policies and managing risks is set to foster a culture of integrity and transparency within the organization.

Dr. Manar Al Moneef, serving as the Chief Investment Officer, brings a wealth of experience from her previous leadership roles in GE Renewable Energy. Her academic prowess, with an executive MBA from Harvard and a PhD from Leicester University, is a testament to her capability in steering NEOM’s investment strategy.

The health, well-being, and biotech sector of NEOM finds its leader in Dr. Mahmoud Alyamany, a renowned figure in neurosurgery and healthcare administration. Alyamany’s appointment reflects NEOM’s commitment to advancing healthcare and biotechnological innovations.

Media, entertainment, and culture at NEOM are under the stewardship of Wayne Borg, a Managing Director with a rich history in the entertainment industry. His experience with giants like Walt Disney and Warner Bros is expected to make NEOM a global cultural hub.

In the realm of technology and innovation, Joseph Bradley, as TONOMUS CEO, is set to revolutionize NEOM with cutting-edge cognitive technologies, including AI, IoT, blockchain, and robotics.

Environmental sustainability, a cornerstone of NEOM’s vision, is led by Chief Environment Officer Dr. Richard Bush. An international academic leader in this field, Bush’s role is critical in ensuring NEOM’s development aligns with global environmental standards.

NEOM’s commitment to transparency and accountability is further reinforced by the appointment of Jason Davies as the Chief Internal Audit Officer. His global auditing expertise is expected to maintain the highest standards of financial and operational integrity.

Niall Gibbons, heading the tourism sector, brings over two decades of experience, including his impactful tenure as CEO of Tourism Ireland, promising to transform NEOM into a world-class tourist destination.

The development of THE LINE, a unique feature of NEOM, is in the hands of Chief Development Officer Denis Hickey, whose extensive experience in real estate and construction is pivotal in realizing this innovative urban development.

Dr. Paul Marshall, as Head of Nature Region, brings a lifetime of experience in biodiversity conservation, ensuring that NEOM’s development is in harmony with nature.

The NEOM Investment Fund is managed by Majid Mufti, a veteran in venture capital and corporate strategy, aiming to maximize the project’s investment potential.

Sports in NEOM will see a new era under Jan Paterson, the Head of Sport, whose vision is to establish NEOM as a leading global sports hub.

Roberto Penno, as Chief Projects Officer, brings over three decades of experience in infrastructure development, critical for NEOM’s ambitious construction plans.

The legal framework and commercial risk management are overseen by Chief Legal Officer Stefan Ricketts, whose global experience will guide NEOM through the complexities of international law and business.

Peter Terium, as ENOWA CEO, leads NEOM’s renewable energy and green-hydrogen projects, reflecting the project’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Complementing this array of talents is Dirk Vanschependom, the Chief Financial Officer of NEOM. With a robust background spanning over two decades in senior finance roles, including his time at KPMG London, Vanschependom brings a wealth of experience in financial strategy and management. His expertise is crucial in steering NEOM’s financial operations, ensuring fiscal responsibility, and contributing to the project’s overall economic success.

Finally, Vishal Wanchoo, as OXAGON CEO, is tasked with integrating NEOM’s physical and digital supply chain, leveraging his 40-year career, including leadership roles at General Electric.

With this stellar team, NEOM is set to become a global model for future cities, blending cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and a human-centric approach to urban development. The world watches with anticipation as this team embarks on a journey to create a legacy for generations to come.


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