Neom’s Leyja Region: A Vision of Sustainable Luxury in Saudi Arabia’s Mega Project

Oasis Hotel by Mario Cucinella
Oasis Hotel NEOM

In the heart of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Neom project, the unveiling of the Leyja region marks a significant stride toward a harmonious blend of luxury, sustainability, and architectural innovation. Nestled in an ancient valley framed by 400-meter-tall mountains and beginning at the Gulf of Aqaba coast, Leyja introduces three captivating boutique hotels designed by renowned architects Chris van Duijn, Mario Cucinella, and Shaun Killa.

A Sustainable Oasis in the Desert

Adventure Hotel by Chris van Duijn: The Adventure Hotel, conceived by Chris van Duijn of Dutch studio OMA, stands as a testament to Neom’s commitment to sustainability. A series of stepped volumes cling to the rockside, forming cantilevered terraces and swimming pools that provide guests with breathtaking views of the valley. Van Duijn emphasizes Neom’s dedication to being energy-neutral and carbon-neutral, showcasing the project as a positive solution for sustainable living. The Adventure Hotel offers more than just a luxurious stay; it promises an immersive experience in nature without compromising on modern comfort.

Geometric Marvels and Natural Harmony

Oasis Hotel by Mario Cucinella: Italian architect Mario Cucinella brings his unique vision to life with the Oasis Hotel, a cluster of geometric formations rising from the rock. Featuring a mineral garden, hanging gardens, an observation deck, and a rooftop pool, Cucinella’s design aims to restore a connection with nature. He reflects on the shift from architecture against nature in the past century to a renewed focus on designing buildings that coexist harmoniously with their surroundings. The Oasis Hotel stands as a testament to the power of architecture to create a dialogue between the built environment and the natural world.

Reflecting Elegance in Mirrored Wellness

Wellness Hotel by Shaun Killa: Completing the trio is Shaun Killa’s Wellness Hotel, a mirrored masterpiece designed to reflect elegance and sophistication. Comprising two vertical mirrored volumes facing each other, the Wellness Hotel offers a sanctuary for well-being. With an entire floor dedicated to wellness and crowned by rooftop pools, Killa’s design merges functionality with aesthetic appeal.


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