Oxagon is a new part of the Neomean world


Saudi Arabia continues to amaze the world community with its revolutionary projects and technological marvels. The new engineering breakthrough will be made by the state-of-the-art Oxagon, the construction of which was recently announced at a press conference by the Crown Prince Muhammad ibn Salmán of Saudi Arabia.


Oxagon is a huge, octagonal floating city located in the waters of the Red Sea southwest of the metropolis of NEOM. According to its creators, it will become the largest floating structure in the world. In addition, Oxagon will be free of harmful emissions, as it will only use clean energy from renewable sources.

Besides the residential areas, it will house offices and industrial buildings, huge port facilities and prestigious educational institutions, which will give the NEOM project additional value, new jobs and increase its tourist attractiveness. On top of the city of Oxagon, the Neomean region will include another incredible 170 km-long project, The Line. Oxagon, The Line and Neom claim to be Saudi Arabia’s showcase after 2030 when these projects will be implemented.

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In addition to its external splendor and technological innovation, Oxagon will become a major logistics hub in the Middle East, as it is close to the Suez Canal, which accounts for approximately 13% of world trade.


According to NEOM project director Nadmi Al-Nasr, “OXAGON will make a leap into the era of the fourth industrial revolution.” It will become a real cognitive city, in which people, technology and the natural environment will coexist harmoniously with all its inhabitants.



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