Saudi Arabia unveiled NEOM at its first Roadshow in London


The state-of-the-art metropolis of NEOM, which will appear in Saudi Arabia over the next 10 years, was unveiled at a roadshow in London to show European audiences the full investment opportunities of the project.

The roadshow was attended by more than 250 leaders of business, public and political circles of the country.
Organized by the UK Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Discover NEOM included presentations, panel discussions, a video demonstration and a photo exhibition.

Source: – Baroness Helena Morrissey joins Neom´s CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr on a fireside chat to discuss an inclusive and innovative leadership approach to deliver change

Khalid bin Bandar Al Saud noted the kingdom’s progress over the past five years in diversifying its economy as non-oil revenues rose by 222%.

Al Saud has also welcomed a number of British companies and international enthusiasts who are already contributing to this ambitious dream.

NEOM CEO Nadmi al-Nasr confirmed that the NEOM project is open for investment, referring to the recent presentation of the city of OXAGON. The world’s largest floating industrial complex, located on the shores of the Red Sea near the Suez Canal, should create a fully integrated port ecosystem and ensure a seamless supply chain for NEOM.

The $ 500 billion project is described as the world’s first cognitive metropolis. It also includes a 170-kilometer-long linear city known as The Line, which preserves 95% of the ecosystem in the metropolis of NEOM.

Saudi Arabia has also signed an agreement with Volocopter to develop the world’s first personalized public transportation system, eVTOL, for vertical takeoff and landing. Nadmi al-Nasr noted that the agreement demonstrates the high potential of the NEOM metropolis for the rapid implementation of infrastructure and transport innovations.

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