Aerial view of Sindalah, a stunning island in the Red Sea, surrounded by turquoise waters and featuring a luxurious marina with sleek superyachts docked along the pristine shoreline. The island is adorned with lush greenery and modern architectural designs, showcasing its commitment to sustainability and providing an idyllic setting for a luxury eco-experience.
Experience luxury and serenity at Sindalah, the Red Sea's premier superyacht destination.

Sindalah, a captivating island venture, merges world-class design with the natural environment to offer an unparalleled luxury eco-experience. With carefully curated seasons, this exclusive destination promises a vibrant ambiance from day to night. Beginning in the first quarter of 2024, Sindalah is set to attract the world’s superyacht clientele.

On June 26, 2023, NEOM, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, announced its partnership with BWA Yachting, a global leader in superyacht concierge and maritime agency services. BWA Yachting will establish an office at the prestigious Sindalah luxury island development. As the “Key partner superyacht agency in NEOM,” BWA Yachting will cater to the needs of the most spectacular luxury vessels worldwide, solidifying Sindalah as the Red Sea’s highly anticipated premier superyacht destination.

Emerging from the crystalline waters of the Red Sea, off the northwestern coast of Saudi Arabia, Sindalah will redefine exquisite bespoke travel. Serving as NEOM’s inaugural asset, this island will introduce the world to NEOM’s vision of the future of civilization. Sindalah, among NEOM’s 39 islands, will host a world-leading yachting ecosystem with over 5,000 berths, offering residents an idyllic luxury lifestyle.

BWA Yachting will facilitate operations at Sindalah’s international superyacht marina, delivering world-class services to the island’s esteemed clientele. The BWA Yachting team, boasting decades of industry experience, will support captains, managers, and crews with comprehensive superyacht management, including customs and clearance procedures, provisioning, logistics, shipping, concierge, and financial services. With the assistance of the BWA Yachting team, customers can expect a seamless premium experience as Sindalah becomes the new go-to destination on the yachting calendar, offering six months of winter sun each year.

Antoni Vives, Chief Urban Development and Islands Officer at NEOM, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “Sindalah will redefine the luxury island experience and become the most sought-after yachting destination in the world, offering six months of winter sun and less than a day’s sail from the ports of the Mediterranean. Working with BWA Yachting will allow us to tap into their expertise and provide the unparalleled yachting ecosystem and elevated experience for which Sindalah will become synonymous. This partnership represents an important step as we invite the world to set sail for Sindalah.”

Paschalis Patsiokas, CEO at BWA Yachting, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “We are honored and excited to be invited by NEOM to establish our presence within this groundbreaking project. At BWA Yachting, we are committed to providing world-class services to superyachts visiting Sindalah and eagerly look forward to creating captivating NEOM itineraries, delivering extraordinary experiences for our clients in this spectacular new destination.”

Scheduled to open in early 2024, Sindalah will serve as a glamorous gateway to the wonders of the Red Sea, captivating luxury travelers worldwide. The ultra-prime marina will offer 86 berths for yachts up to 50 meters in length, with additional serviced offshore buoys accommodating superyachts up to 180 meters. On land, Sindalah will boast restaurants curated and managed by renowned Michelin-starred chefs, futuristic and experiential designer fashion and luxury retail offerings, and one of the world’s most exotic golf courses.

For leisure seekers, Sindalah’s beach club, hosted by top entertainment icons in the region, will provide an unparalleled experience. Additionally, the Marine Activities Center will offer thrilling adventures, allowing guests to explore the captivating marine life beneath the surface of the Red Sea.

Sindalah’s commitment to sustainability is a paramount aspect of its development, particularly considering its unique marine environment. The island’s design, led by Italy’s Luca Dini Design & Architecture, draws inspiration from the surrounding coral reefs and waterscapes of the Red Sea.

With its extensive experience working with superyacht owners and captains worldwide, BWA Yachting brings a wealth of expertise to the partnership. The company’s global network spans the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Caribbean, and the Americas, ensuring a seamless end-to-end experience for clients. As an official partner of the America’s Cup and other prestigious superyacht events, BWA Yachting will collaborate with NEOM in planning and organizing exclusive events as part of a curated social calendar for the superyacht community.

The anticipated opening of Sindalah in early 2024 will mark the beginning of a remarkable journey, as it becomes a glamorous destination and a coveted playground for luxury travelers. With its extraordinary offerings, including the luxury marina, renowned culinary experiences, cutting-edge fashion and retail, and exquisite accommodation options, such as the Four Seasons Resort and Saudi Arabia’s first Marriott International Autograph Collection Hotels property, Sindalah is set to captivate visitors with its allure.

As Sindalah emerges as the Red Sea’s premier superyacht destination, the partnership between Sindalah and BWA Yachting paves the way for an unparalleled luxury experience, solidifying Sindalah’s position as a must-visit location on the global yachting map. With their shared commitment to excellence and passion for creating unforgettable moments, Sindalah and BWA Yachting are poised to redefine the concept of luxury travel in the Red Sea region.


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