The first test “NEOM – Rise 100” was attended by 80 climbers


NEOM, home to 100 climbing routes on the steep slopes of Jebel Hisma, is set to become a world-class climbing resort. The city has created a new adventure home in the Arabian Peninsula and hosted more than 80 climbers to try new routes.


Ian Paterson, Executive Director of Sports at NEOM, said: “NEOM is a diverse and vast region with unlimited opportunities for adventure and sport. When we have prepared these routes for climbing, we are more than ever dedicated to creating a playground where people can fully immerse themselves in the incredible natural beauty of the area. Rise 100 is an incredibly exciting start for us and we are happy to cooperate with the Saudi Federation of Mountaineering and Tourism.”

Among the participants was the five-time US rock-climbing champion Emily Harrington, who overcame several routes in three days. She was also joined by fellow climber Yasmin Youssef Gahtani, Executive Director of the Saudi Federation of Mountaineering and Tourism (SCHF) and the first certified mountaineering instructor in Saudi Arabia.

NEOM prioritizes sustainability in its new climbing location and ensures that environmental concerns take precedence over the technological development of this area. The natural and historical heritage of the land is clearly marked and visitors are asked to adhere strictly to the rules of conduct.

Cliff Khisma is located at 1,000 meters above sea level and offers many climbing opportunities all year long. This picturesque canyon with a soft sandy base and relatively steep cliffs is attractive, especially in the winter months.

The texture of the local rock is suitable for various climbing styles. 100 world-class trips of varying difficulty will attract beginners as well as experienced climbers. After the tests are completed, the rock is expected to be open to all newcomers by the end of 2022.


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